FrontierVille Building an Orchard: Everything you need to know


Earlier this evening, we brought you an in-depth look at the new Orchard Goals in FrontierVille. This new building will allow you to store your fruit trees and harvest from them in bulk, saving you time along with clearing up tons of space on your Homestead (a theme Zynga seems to have adopted recently, much to our excitement). The Orchard itself must be built as any other building in the game, by starting with its base.

You must be level 26 or higher to receive the Orchard feature. As you might expect, once you build the base, you'll need to collect six all new ingredients: 15 each of Cuttings, Rootstocks and Grafting Waxes, and 10 each of Insect Sprays, Pruners and Fencing. For a complete look at how the Orchard works, meet us behind the break.