Is that FrontierVille's Bess riding the Black Stallion ... naked?

FrontierVille Bess rides bottomless
FrontierVille Bess rides bottomless

Like a scene from a campy 'Skinemax' flick, Bess gallops across FrontierVille on her Black Stallion with red hair blowing in the wind, revealing her hoo-hah to the homestead--wait, huh? You heard that right, FrontierVille Info has found that, presumably due to a glitch, Bess riding her new Black Stallion half-naked. Zynga will surely fix this bug in no time, unless of course, this is intentional (which we doubt). So, grab your laugh-worthy screen shots of "Bottomless Bess" now before it's too late.

[Image Credit: FrontierVille Info]

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