Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg: Social games could teach music, movies a thing or two

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg
Don't worry Zynga, the other Big Z might like you after all. (Can somebody say, "Awww?") At least Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg respects what social game developers have done for the games industry on the whole. In fact, paidContent reports that the Facebook chief said today at the eG8 convention in France that other media industries could learn from what companies like EA, Playfish and Playdom have done for online casual games.

"We're going to see a lot of the transformation in these industries over the next three, five years that we have with gaming so far," Zuckerber said. "The gaming industry has been completely transformed. Social gaming has taken off from scratch to be, the biggest companies in the gaming industry are now social games companies."

More specifically, Zuckerberg congratulated Zynga and Playfish for "baking the principles of social design" into games, paidContent reports. And the effort is reaching even farther than the 27-year-old executive mentioned. Traditional publishers like EA have enlisted developers like EA2D to promote their existing games via Facebook games.

Even better, Facebook is digging its claws right into traditional games like the upcoming Uncharted 3, bringing the social graph right into consoles. And as Facebook inevitably continues to grow, it wouldn't be surprising to see more console games (and movies and music) experience the same type of "social renaissance."

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