CityVille Sneak Peek: Zynga teases Mall feature, time for a shopping spree

CityVille Malls
CityVille Malls

Jay and Silent Bob would be proud. Zynga has released the first promotional image of Malls, an upcoming feature in CityVille. There are little to no details on this new building, just a blurb from the developer that reads, "Malls are coming soon! Get ready for some great benefits and perks too! Stay tuned, you won't wanna miss out!" If you're asking for our educated guess (or wild speculations), we'd imagine that Malls will be another community building. However, we hope that they will come with those additional features Zynga has been teasing since the release of the Visitor's Center. Until these Malls are released, they'll have roller coasters and hover cars inside them ... at least in your dreams.

What do you think these Malls will amount to in CityVille? What function do you think is missing from CityVille buildings? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.