Cafe World The Cookie Crowd Goals: Everything you need to know

It's a great thing that Zynga finally decided to add a goal manager to Cafe World, as they sure haven't slowed down on releasing new goal series to the game (that, and I can't imagine that the vast majority of players would have put up with it much longer, but I digress). One of the newest goal series we've seen released deals with all things sweets, and is called "The Cookie Crowd."

The Cookie Crowd has five parts, with the first goal being incredibly easy, asking you to simply cook dishes, rather than serve them.

Cook Chocolate Cream Pie 2 Times
Cook Gem Cake 5 Times
Cook Angel Fruit Cake 3 Times

Just set these dishes to cook and voila - mission completed. You'll receive the Cookie Table decoration for finishing this first (incredibly simple) goal.

While you can feel free to delete any of the above dishes once you've cooked them to pass the goal, you might want to actually let the Gem Cakes go, as you'll need to serve a large quantity of servings in The Cookie Crowd II:

Have 3 Cookie Tables
Serve Gem Cake 30 Times
Ask for 5 Cookie Boxes

Gem Cakes can either be cooked manually, or you can ask your friends to send you servings via individual requests. If you choose to cook them yourself, you'll need to wait 12 hours to serve them (or break out some spices to speed up the process). For the Cookie Tables, each costs 5,000 coins, but remember, you were given one for free as a prize for the last quest, so you technically only have to buy two.

Cooke Crowd III gets even more difficult, as you'll need to serve a whopping 70 dishes to continue (this is beginning to seem like a Catering Order in here!).

Serve Pumpkin Pie 35 Times
Serve Chocolate Cream Pie 35 Times
Ask for 15 Baking Sheets

The Pumpkin Pie can be cooked manually or acquired from friends, while the Chocolate Cream Pie looks to be a manual only situation. Meanwhile, you'll need to ask your friends to send you the Baking Sheets, as you would any other collectible in the game.

Moving on, Cookie Crowd IV still asks you to cook a lot of dishes, but you'll need to bug your friends a bit more as well.

Serve 50 Jammin' Jelly Donuts
Ask for 10 Cookie Dough
Ask for 10 Mint Leaves

The reward for this mission is actually worthwhile - the exclusive Camper Cookies recipe that can only be earned (as of this writing) by completing this goal series. The Camper Cookies can be thought of as Girl Scout cookies, but they must be cooked in the Toaster Oven, not on regular stoves.

Finally, Cookie Crowd V asks you to do something that most other goals don't - actually master a dish.

Reach Level 1 Mastery of Camper Cookies
Spice 5 Friends' Stoves
Ask for 10 Camp Girl Backpacks

Just keep cooking the Camper Cookies (which take 10 minutes to prepare), and you'll eventually pass that requirement. Perhaps you'll even have time to acquire all ten backpacks while you wait.

All told, I wouldn't start worrying about these goals until you're sure you can dedicate a few hours/days right in a row to cook the mass quantities of dishes required to complete them. Sure, you're not under a strict time limit like with a Catering Order, but if you don't play often enough, your work will be for nothing as dishes expire. Plan ahead, though, and you'll do just fine.

What do you think of these Cookie Crowd goals? Do you think the 70 servings requirement is too much, or do you appreciate an honest challenge in the game? Sound off in the comments.
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