Cafe World The Cookie Crowd Goals: Everything you need to know


It's a great thing that Zynga finally decided to add a goal manager to Cafe World, as they sure haven't slowed down on releasing new goal series to the game (that, and I can't imagine that the vast majority of players would have put up with it much longer, but I digress). One of the newest goal series we've seen released deals with all things sweets, and is called "The Cookie Crowd."

The Cookie Crowd has five parts, with the first goal being incredibly easy, asking you to simply cook dishes, rather than serve them.

Cook Chocolate Cream Pie 2 Times
Cook Gem Cake 5 Times
Cook Angel Fruit Cake 3 Times

Just set these dishes to cook and voila - mission completed. You'll receive the Cookie Table decoration for finishing this first (incredibly simple) goal.