Zoo World 2: RockYou's new zoo-themed Facebook game arrives June 8

zoo world 2
zoo world 2

Facebook game creator RockYou has announced that June 8 will be the launch date for its new zoo-themed sim game -- Zoo World 2.

The sequel to the popular Zoo World on Facebook will "let players collect animals from all over the world and breed adorable baby animals." Virtual zoo keepers will have more control over what type of zoo environments they want to create. Want a special section with an African safari vibe? You'll be able to do it with more decoration options.


Based on the screenshots for the game -- it also looks like Zoo World 2 will be taking a step up in terms of visuals. The original Zoo World -- while a very popular game -- always seemed to lag behind its peers in the looks department. Let's just hope that whole improvement thing will also apply to how smoothly the game runs. We'll see when this new zoo sim launches in a few short weeks.