Man Tries To Smuggle 90 Pounds Of Sheep Meat Into U.S.

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An Ethiopian man attempted to smuggle 90 pounds of cooked sheep meat into the U.S. at Dulles airport.

As the man was going through customs, an agent asked him if he had any foreign food products with him. The man simply replied "yes."

Officials then went through all six of the man's suitcases and found 15 bags of cooked sheep meat, weighing in at roughly 90 pounds.

Christopher Hess, CBP director for the Port of Washington, told NBC Washington, "Customs and Border Protection agriculture specialists typically encounter similar food products arriving from Africa, but the sheer volume makes this an extraordinarily unique seizure. That's an awful lot of food product to stuff inside one's baggage."

The man was allowed to get on his next flight to Seattle while Customs and Border Protection dumped the meat in an incinerator.

Just last week a man was arrested in Bangkok with far more sinister carry-onz: live baby animals.

In January, a monk tried to smuggle the remains of a nun onto a plane in Athens.

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