Katy Perry's Hotel Demands While On Tour

Getty Images

Katy Perry hasn't been known as too much of a diva, but all that's about to change.

The pop starlet, on her California Dreams tour, has had her people issue a 45-page list of tour demands. These were, of course, recently made public, and she's got some doozies.

Among them are requests that her chauffeur not look her in the eye in the rear view mirror, and only speak when spoken to, the Daily Mail reports.

She forbids the presence of carnations in her dressing room (random!).

But she saves some of the quirkiest demands for her accommodations.

TheSmokingGun.com released the singer's "hotel provisions," which include accommodations in a 5-star property, with 51 rooms booked (including a presidential suite, presumably for Perry, and 5 junior suites, all with requests for an upgrade).

The oddest part? Free internet service and breakfast MUST be part of the deal. Girl does love her sweets.

The singer is currently in Japan as part of her tour. She shipped her husband, Russell Brand, over to see her and her self-proclaimed favorite place, Tokyo last weekend but he was later deported due to an unnamed 10-year old incident, Perry tweeted.

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