FrontierVille: Zynga drops "Oregon Trail" name; help pick a new one

After being served with papers by the Learning Company, suing them over the use of the name "Oregon Trail" in FrontierVille's upcoming expansion, it looks like Zynga has decided to drop the Oregon Trail name altogether. This might come as a shock to some players (like myself), who rarely see Zynga step down from anything, but there is a bit of a light at the end of this tunnel.

Zynga is asking fans to help (re)name the expansion via a poll on the game's official forums. Unfortunately, this still means you have to choose from a list of possible options, and can't simply write in your own option, but the choices aren't all bad. Here's what we have to choose from:

FrontierVille: The Westward Trail
FrontierVille: The Trail West
FrontierVille's Trail West
FrontierVille's Westward Trail
FrontierVille's Pioneer Trail
FrontierVille: The Pioneer Trail

Personally, I think FrontierVille's Pioneer Trail has the best ring to it, but that's the beauty of a poll - if you don't agree with me, you can vote for your own favorite in the hopes that it wins. While the name might still be up in the air, it looks like the gameplay is staying put, and we'll make sure to bring you continued coverage about what's sure to be a massive gameplay update as soon as we know more.

Which of these new names do you like for the previous "Oregon Trail" expansion? Are you glad to see Zynga back down when faced with a lawsuit, or do you think the Learning Company made an issue out of nothing? Sound off in the comments.