FrontierVille: Plum, Raspberry, and Almond Trees available with new collections


So, the Orchard feature in FrontierVille is definitely nearing a release, as we've now been given the option to purchase three new trees/bushes from the in-game store, along with sending three other trees to our friends via the game's free gifts page. If you purchase one of the three trees in the store, you'll also have access to completing one of three matching collections, which reward even more trees. See where we're going with this? It looks like - very soon - our time in FrontierVille might turn into something resembling "all trees, all the time."

The three new trees are the Plum Tree, Raspberry Bush and the Almond Tree. Before you get too excited, however, know that all three cost Horseshoes, so you can't buy them cheap. A single Raspberry Bush costs 50 Horseshoes, a Plum Tree costs 30 Horseshoes, and an Almond Tree costs 20 Horseshoes. While these are definitely expensive, I doubt it's time to raise your pitchforks and torches just yet, as Zynga has been known to overprice items in the store, only to give them away for free by completing missions or other tasks sometime down the line. As difficult as it might be, now might be the time to practice a bit of willpower to see what truly develops before handing over that many Horseshoes for a single tree.

Want to see what you'll earn by finishing these three collections? Meet us behind the break.