FrontierVille Orchard Goals: Everything you need to know

It's official folks - the Orchard is on its way to FrontierVille! While we may not have exact details as to what building the Orchard structure itself will entail, we can give you a sneak peek of the Orchard's Goals to give you an idea of what to expect when the Orchard does start rolling out (presumably within the next few hours of this writing).

The Orchard goal line consists of four different Goals. Remember, as these goals are as-of-now unreleased, they are subject to change at any time. Here's what's required in Part I of IV:

Tend 10 Apple Trees
Hire 2 Neighbors
Place the Orchard on your Homestead

It looks like you have to tend Apple Trees on your own land, and now a Neighbors' so keep that in mind. For finishing this first quest, you'll receive 300 XP.Part II of IV has you tending to even more trees, along with asking your friends to send you some items.

Tend 25 Peach Trees
Have 15 Fruit Decals
Clear 8 Grass

If you've yet to receive the Orchard goals on your Homestead, make sure to save all of your Grass, as you'll need them here. The Fruit Decals will presumably be earned through a general news post to your feed. For finishing this second quest, you'll receive 500 XP (I must say, the rewards have been pretty good so far).

Part III of IV asks you to - guess what - tend more fruit trees! You'll also have to collect more items from friends, and will actually have to finish your Orchard's construction before moving on.

Tend 20 Apricot Trees
Collect 15 Fruit Crates
Store 5 Fruit Trees

This officially confirms the fact that the Orchard will be used for tree storage, freeing up space on our land (not that we expected it to perform a different function, but I digress). There doesn't seem to be a requirement for which exact tree you store, so feel free to store any kind you'd like. The rewards for these quests get better and better, as finishing this one off gives you 700 XP.

Finally, for Part IV of IV, it seems like we'll be stuck for a few days waiting for the Orchard's Daily Bonus to recharge, if it does indeed work as other buildings do.

Collect Daily Bonus Orchard 3 Times
Collect Water Well Bonus 1 Time
Harvest Trees in Storage 30 Times

Now we've also learned that we'll be able to use the Orchard to harvest our trees in mass quantities, as we'll need to do that for 30 trees to complete this task. All in all, nothing surprising so far, but this goal probably will trip up a few players that have deleted the water well from their land, as they'll need to go through the process of building another just to collect it's bonus.

Finishing this final quest will reward you with 1,000 XP and the Raspberry Bush seen above. This item is normally available in the store for 50 Horseshoes, so it looks like my warning about saving your Horseshoes will have come in handy, as you'll simply receive one here for free.

As of this writing, this is where the Orchard goal series ends, but we'll make sure to let you know if Zynga adds anymore content to the quest line in the future.

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Have you received the Orchard on your land yet? What do you think of this new tree storage / harvesting building? Sound off in the comments.
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