FrontierVille Big Barn Goals: Everything you need to know

If you're like me, you were probably feeling a bit disappointed after the release of the Livestock Pen in FrontierVille, as the building doesn't allow us to do anything about the massive Cow and Oxen collections we have on our land. With so many quests requiring you to sell adult Cows and Oxen, it only makes sense to have mass quantities of them on hand at once, but they still take up a lot of space. It looks like Zynga has decided to help us there, as you can now upgrade your original Barn into a Big Barn.

This Big Barn isn't simply an upgrade of the Barn already in the game, it is an entirely new building Turns out Zynga has decided to simply upgrade the first Barn. Once upgraded you'll be able to store Mules, Horses, Oxen and Cows. Just think of all of the land you'll save! Along with the upgrade to your original Barn, there is a four-part goal series to go along with it. Just keep in mind that as these goals are (as of this writing) unreleased, their requirements are subject to change upon their release.

Here's what's expected of you in Part I of IV:

Place the Big Barn
Collect 15 Blueprints
Tend 20 Cows

The Blueprints looks to be earned through individual gift requests sent to your friends. For finishing this goal, you'll receive a Fast Hands boost, 250 coins and 250 XP.For Part II of IV, you'll need to tend more animals, on both your own land or on a neighbors' Homestead.

Tend 20 Oxen
Tend 15 Horses on your own Homestead or a Neighbors'
Tend 20 Neighbor Apple Trees

These three tasks are fairly self-explanatory, and once you finish the trio, you'll receive an equally basic set of prizes: 500 coins and 500 XP.

For Part III of IV, things once again become a bit more complicated, as you'll be required to actually finish the construction of your Big Barn (the details of which are currently unknown) before you can move on.

Customize the Big Barn
Hire Bess 3 Times
Collect 15 Muck Boots

Fortunately, you'll be slowed down by the Bess requirement in this goal anyway, so if you've yet to finish the Big Barn's construction, you've just been given a fairly large window in which to do so without falling behind. Finishing this third quest gives you 750 coins, 750 XP and 5 Animal Ready Boosts. This is a huge prize, but you'll likely need the boosts for the final goal, so don't waste them!

As I said, Part IV of IV will likely require you to use those Animal Ready Boosts, unless you currently have 100 or more adult animals that can be stored in your Big Barn.

Store 100 Animals in your Big Barn
Collect Daily Big Barn Bonus 2 Times
Tend 50 Mules, Horses, Oxen or Cows on your Homestead or a Neighbors'

The only animals allowed to be stores in the Big Barn are Mules, Horses, Oxen and Cows. Presumably, these animals will need to be adults before they can be stored, as is the case with the Livestock Pen. Either way, as this is the last goal in the mission series, the pressure is off, and you can be more casual in your approach. For finishing this final goal, you'll receive 1000 coins, 1000 XP and a Cast Iron Fence decoration, as seen below.

We'll make sure to give you all of the details about building a Big Barn on your land as soon as we can, but remember to keep these goals in mind as you work on your Homestead over the coming days.

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What do you think of these Big Barn goals? Are you looking forward to being able to store all of these different animals? Or, do you think it could make future goals requiring you to tend your friends' animals all the more difficult if they're all in storage? Sound off in the comments.
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