FarmVille GagaVille Shining Bright Goal: Everything you need to know


Lady Gaga's Born this Way album has now officially launched, but that hasn't stopped the FarmVille team from adding another goal in the GagaVille goal series. Tonight marks the release of the eighth goal, and this one's called Shining Bright. That name goes great with the main prize you'll receive for finishing this quest (trust me - it's a great one).

Before you win your rewards, however, you'll need to complete three tasks:

Visit GagaVille
Plant 100 Electric Roses
Visit 5 Neighbors

While the first and last tasks are incredibly simple, the Electric Roses requirement might actually slow some farmers down. That is, if all of your land is already covered in plots of growing crops, you can't very well add 100 new squares just to instantly plant these Roses. Perhaps now would be the time to break out some Instant Grow or use Farm Cash? That of course will be up to you, as to whether or not you know your land will be freed up in time to finish this quest before it expires in just under a day.

Either way, once you finish tonight's goal, you'll receive a Chrome Cow, 100 XP and 2,500 coins. Personally, I've been looking forward to adding a Chrome Cow to my animal collection for days, so I couldn't be happier. Just look at this thing - it's a silver cow that hovers above your land with jetpacks! How cool is that!?

Remember, if you want your chance at this exclusive Chrome Cow (and don't want to pay Farm Cash to have it), make sure to complete this goal before it expires.

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What do you think of tonight's GagaVille goal and prize? Will you purchase additional Chrome Cows if they are released in the store? Sound off in the comments.