FarmVille GagaVille Sneak Peek: Are Gem Fruit Trees even edible?

FarmVille Gem Fruit Tree
FarmVille Gem Fruit Tree

In the world of FarmVille--or, more specifically, GagaVille--of course they are. Lady Gaga's stay on the farm is slowly drawing to a close, and her latest addition to the game will be the Gem Fruit Tree. It's not too far from the Gem Tree that's already on the Market, but these gems look more like crystalline raspberries than simply rhinestones sprouting from a tree. It's unknown when exactly this item will be released, if that even happens, but FarmVille Feed guesses that they'll first appear in Mystery Seedlings. Soon after, you'll likely find them in the Market for 5 to 7 Farm Cash, so get those Orchards ready if you want to save a few bucks on this special bedazzled foliage.

[Image Credit: FarmVille Feed]

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