FarmVille fans and Edy's Fruit Bars farm the real Farmville this summer

FarmVille, Virginia
FarmVille, Virginia

That's quite a lot of farming, but we think seasoned FarmVille players like Sharyn Martinez can deal. The Los Angeles resident has won a chance to plant a real orchard in Farmville, Va. (It really does exist!) thanks to a promotion between Zynga and the Edy's Fruit Bars brand. On June 13, Martinez and a few select top tier FarmVille players will travel to the fittingly-named town to plant a real-life fruit orchard for the community's benefit. All the while, we lazy less fortunate digital farmers will follow, planting Edy's-inspired crops in the game from June 13-19 for mastery and profit.

"Being from Los Angeles, I thought the only way I'd get to plant an orchard was on my beautiful virtual farm," Martinez says in a press release. "But now, thanks to Edy's Fruit Bars and Zynga, I am getting ready to dig in and plant fruit trees in the real town of Farmville." The real-life Farmville planting effort is made possible through Communities Take Root, an annual program dedicated to planting fruit tree orchards in deserving communities nationwide, according to a statement.

Edy's Fruit Bars also invites players to vote for 20 more communities to receive their very own orchards this summer through the Communities Take Root program, founded in 2010. Even if you weren't chosen to farm the real Farmville, at least you can help decide on 20 more communities to get the fruity treatment this season. And while you're at it, why not plant your own fruits and vegetables? It's beautiful out there, and your wallet will thank you for it ... eventually.

[Image Credit: Sperling's]

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