Facebook game developers, your community news hub has arrived

Facebook + GamesWe haven't heard much, if anything at all, since Facebook hired former LiveJournal CEO Sean Ryan as head of Facebook game partnerships a few months ago. Finally, the social network has launched Facebook + Games, a news and community hub for Facebook game developers to get the latest news on the platform and innovation in social game creation. The service appears to have launched today, and looks like your standard fan page.

We imagine that 'Liking' the page will cause updates to the page to appear in your News Feed, like any other fan page. However, this also means that anyone can contribute to the page, opening the floor to collaboration and discussion among developers. So far, only just over 150 people have 'Liked' the page, but expect that number to grow as Facebook releases news updates.

More importantly, this would be fine way for the average social gamer to find out what changes are coming to their favorite Facebook games. Not to mention you'll see what new design practices and innovations are on the way for future Facebook games.

This is a much-appreciated first step toward fostering relationships with Facebook game developers, but it might take more than a community page to keep developers from fleeing in the face of monolithic companies like Zynga and EA. Whether you're in the social games industry or just a connoisseur, it wouldn't hurt to give the page a 'Like.' This way, you'll be among the first to know not only what's coming to Facebook games, but what your favorite developers are up to.

Have you 'Liked' the Facebook + Games page yet? How do you expect Facebook to communicate with its hundreds of game developers through this new service? What else needs to be done? Share with us in the comments. Add Comment.
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