Perez Hilton's $158 Travel Toiletries Kit

Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton has unveiled a kit of toiletries designed to be TSA-friendly-if not easy on the wallet.

The Perez-picked pack of wipes, lotions and scrubs costs $158, even though all the selections are small enough to meet airport security guidelines at 3 ounces or smaller.

Among the posh products are Ole Henriksen eye cream and walnut complexion scrub. Air Repair's facial mist and Yes to Carrots-brand cucumber towelettes are two ways to freshen up after a long flight.

The bulk of the pack's price comes from a fancy Somme Institute face cream, a full $70 of the total three-figure price.

Perez put together the kit for 3FLoz, an online beauty supply boutique created after the TSA instituted its 3-1-1 rule in 2006, banning from carry-on luggage any containers of gels or liquids larger than 3 oz. Travelers also have to fit their bottles into a one-quart zip-top bag.

Don't feel like dropping $158 on a travel kit? The website Minimus sells more than 2,000 sample-sized products.

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