FrontierVille Oregon Trail Map revealed; looks easy enough, right?

FrontierVille Oregon Trail Map
Intellectual property suit be damned, Zynga presses on. The company revealed the Oregon Trail map for the first major FrontierVille expansion recently. By the looks of the map, this adventure should be easy enough. Well, after you make it through the Beaver Valley, the High Plains, Avalanche Pass and finally to Fort Courage, that is. Alright, this looks downright daunting.

As if falling ill to dysentery wasn't enough--oh, wait, wrong game. (Sorry, folks.) It looks like the dangers players will face on the journey to Fort Courage and beyond will be more perilous than previously advertised, but we can handle it, no? (Your silence worries me, pioneers.) However, it appears that if you've yet to finish the McBaggins' Goals, the map will not appear underneath the Oregon Trail sign. If you want to see what lies ahead--outside of here, of course--then you better help that poor family out.

[Source and Image Credit: FrontierVille Info]

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