FrontierVille Legends Calamity Jane Timed Goal: Everything you need to know

Calamity Jane - Doris Day
Did you think that the Paul Bunyan Goal was the last of FrontierVille Legends? Aw, come on, there's more folklore in the Old West than you can shake a 1950s Western movie at. The next in the series of Goals is the currently unreleased Calamity Jane Timed Goal. Titled "Calamity Jane's Shooting Show," the Goal is fairly simple to complete, and the rewards are actually interesting! Join us behind the break to find out how to complete this Goal--and get those fancy rewards--when it finally goes live.

Calamity Jane's Shooting Show:

  • Collect Three Bonuses from the Inn
  • Tend 50 Apple Trees
  • Get 20 Wide-Eyed Chickens

First things first, this Goal must be completed in 10 days, hence it being a Timed Goal. But when all you need to do is collect from the Inn three times, tend to 50 Apple Trees and collect 20 Wild-Eyed Chickens, that shouldn't be a problem. If you're low on Apple trees and want to finish this part quickly, they cost 880 coins in the market and can be tended to every 30 minutes.

Wild-Eyed ChickenQueasy Chicken
The 20 Wild-Eyed Chickens are collected from your friends, presumably via the Goal menu window. Complete these requirements within 10 days and you'll score a new Chicken, the Queasy Chicken, 750 XP and five Chicken Ready Boosts. For honoring one of the best pioneers (and Western flicks) of all time, I'd say that's not too shabby.

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