FrontierVille: Heal Injured Ducks with... Critter Milk?

Ever at the ready, the folks on the FrontierVille forums have discovered that Zynga has added a new set of injured animals to the game in the form of Injured Ducks. These ducks apparently come in either a yellow or purple variety, and will be found by chopping down trees, clearing debris, feeding your animals, etc. - just as you would find most other Injured/Hidden Critters on your Homestead. This rollout is apparently an incredibly slow one, as I wiped out all debris, fed all of my animals, and harvested all of my fruit trees with no success in bringing one out.

Still, we do know they officially exist, it's just a matter of time before they roll around to all games. Once you do find one, you'll apparently need Critter Milk to nurse them back to health. No, that doesn't make much sense, but then again, the fact that we're simply finding purple ducks should throw common sense out of the window already. You can see an image of two healed ducks at the top of this post - apparently user rohanthota is much luckier at receiving animals than I am.

[Image Credit: Forums user rohanthota]

Have you lured out any Injured Ducks on your Homestead? Have you received a color other than yellow or purple? Share with us in the comments.