FarmVille Mystery Game (05/22/2011): Lady Gaga's Born This Way items


Tonight marks the next update for the FarmVille Mystery Game, with tonight's update bringing a GagaVille / Born this Way theme to the items. Don't get too excited though - only one of tonight's animals is actually new, so you'll need to take a few extra seconds when deciding whether or not to play in case you happen upon a duplicate.

This week's game costs 20 Farm Cash to play (remember, you can earn free darts by buying Farm Cash). You'll have a chance at one of the following animals:

Purple Unicorn
Peacock (re-release)
Musk Deer (re-release)
Komodo Dragon (re-release)
Ballerina Hippo (re-release)
Angora Rabbit (re-release)

Not to sound unappreciative, but am I the only one that thinks Zynga might have taken the easy way out with this week's theme? Honestly, I can only easily associate three of the animals (the Purple Unicorn, Peacock and Ballerina Hippo) with anything even resembling this week's theme, while the other animals seem like fillers. I honestly haven't been this torn as to whether or not to play a week's Mystery Game in a very long time. It will be interesting to see how many farmers agree with me.

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Do you already have any of this week's animals? Are you disappointed all but one of this week's animals has already been available in other Mystery Games or Crates? Sound off in the comments.

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