FarmVille GagaVille Trees: Jewel Trees & Pink Gem Trees


Just as we predicted, two new sets of GagaVille-themed trees have been added to FarmVille's store this weekend, coming in the form of the Jewel Tree and Giant Jewel Tree, along with the Pink Gem Tree and the Giant Pink Gem Tree.

Unfortunately, you'll need to spend quite a few Farm Cash if you want all four - 7 Farm Cash each for the normal sized trees, and 12 Farm Cash each for the giant versions. Remember though, you can always hope to receive one of the Giant trees from a Mystery Seedling, if you'd rather save that 24 Farm Cash (I know I would). Even though they're so unrealistic, all four of these trees can be mastered, which will likely be some of the biggest incentive in purchasing them (if you're as big of a collector of mastery signs as I am). Either way, you'll need to shop fast, as these items will only be in the store for the next two weeks.

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Which of these two tree pairs do you like more? Do you like the Pink Gem Tree because it matches the regular Gem Tree released earlier in the theme, or do you like the more original Jewel Tree? Sound off in the comments.