FarmVille GagaVille: Frolic in a Gaga Garden Patch with 102.7 KIIS FM

FarmVIlle Gaga Garden Patch
FarmVIlle Gaga Garden Patch

Now that your vehicles are stocked with some delicious (and otherwise expensive) Monster Fuel, you should be free to frolic in a garden of crystals. Wait, that doesn't sound--au contraire. In GagaVille, the result of a monstrous promotion between FarmVille and Lady Gaga, that sounds exactly right. The final GagaVille offer by iHeartRadio and 102.7 KIIS FM is available now directly through Zynga's gift page, found here. Just use the code "GARDEN," click "Redeem Now," and you'll be taken to FarmVille through Zynga's website rather than Facebook. Then, the Gaga Garden Patch will appear in your Gift Box. Combine all of Lady Gaga's crystalline flower items, and you'll have yourself a sprawling garden of crystals, cheesy 80s fantasy flick style.

Have you collected all the KIIS FM GagaVille items thus far? Which was your favorite, and what else do you expect from GagaVille before it goes bye-bye soon enough? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.