CityVille celebrates diversity with International Food Festival items, a Hacienda and more

Along with the recently released International Food Festival Goals in CityVille, we've also seen a release of themed decorations, the celebrate diversity and different countries. You'll receive one of these items - the Fruit Stand - as a quest reward, while the other eight items are available to purchase in the store.

For those that like adding one of every business to their town, you'll be able to purchase three: a Greek Restaurant, Indian Restaurant and Thai Restaurant. All of these businesses come with the same stats. They cost 2,500 coins to build, require 75 Goods to open and operate and will offer you 330 coins in profit each time they run out of stock.

To decorate these three buildings, you can purchase matching flags: a Greek Flag, Indian Flag, and Thai Flag are now available to purchase for 200 coins each. Each flag offers a 1% bonus to the payout of nearby buildings. Remember though - even if you don't want to build these ethnic food joints, these trees would look great outside City Hall, or any other government-esque building you have in your city, if you're going for a realistic appearance.

Meet us behind the break for a look at the other items that are available.