Vintage Disney World Commercials: Featuring Michael Jackson and the Cosby Kids

Vintage Disney World Commercians

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Walt Disney World might not have been around as long as Disneyland, but it still has an awesome legacy of TV advertising. For who else but Mickey would Michael Jackson, Kermit the Frog, the Cosby Kids and Indiana Jones make an appearance?

For a quick flashback, here are five great old-school Disney World commercials.

Disney World and Eastern Airlines, 1971
In this somewhat creepy ad, a little girl wanders the forest trying to figure out how to get to Walt Disney World. Problem solved by Eastern Airlines, which proves that you can fly – on a round trip flight with Eastern.

Epcot, 1988
Epcot Center – now known by the cooler, single name of Epcot – is seen here as an around-the- world and into-the-future adventure. Michael Jackson even makes an appearance as the famous Captain EO in the much loved 3-D action musical.

The Cosby Kids, 1980s
Boy those Cosby kids were everywhere, weren't they? Judging by this ad, the TV family sure likes Disney World. Though, we wonder if their dad was too busy pushing pudding pops to make an appearance.

MGM Studios Opening, 1989
Not too long ago, Disney's Hollywood Studios was known as MGM Studios. This ad from MGM's opening shows how, at this park, the movies come alive.

20th Anniversary Countdown, 1991
In this countdown to Disney World's 20th anniversary, a round up of old-school characters makes an appearance – Roger Rabbit, the Dinosaurs, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – as well as once rockin' Pleasure Island (RIP.)

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