FrontierVille Cowgirls Don't Cry Goals: Everything you need to know

Zynga has launched a new five-part mission series in FrontierVille detailing everyone's favorite cowgirl - Bess! Apparently, Bess has been feeling might down lately, and needs some hard work to do to take her mind off of her loneliness. This is where you come in. Luckily, these goals are all fairly simple, and will actually reintroduce Captain Flintlock to the game (remember, he took a likin' to Bess in the Shower Goals, so this isn't surprising).

Cowgirls Don't Cry, Part I starts you off really, really simply.

Tend 20 Sheep on your Homestead or a Neighbor's Homestead
Tend 20 Goats on your Homestead or a Neighbor's Homestead
Collect Five Milking Buckets

The Milking Buckets must be earned by asking your friends to send them to you, but you can easily finish the other two tasks on your own. Finishing this mission gives you 100 Food and a Goat Milk collection item as rewards.
For Part II, you'll need to help Bess take out her aggressions on some wild Varmints.

Clobber 2 Bears
Clobber 2 Snakes
Hire Bess

These tasks are all fairly self explanatory. If you've never hired Bess before, simply click on her and choose Hire from the drop down menu that appears. For completing this second goal, you're given 150 Food and one Bear Claw collectible from the Bear Collection (which happens to be the rarest item of that collection, which provides an Animal Ready Boost). In other words - a great prize!

Moving on, Part III moves on from Varmints to debris, and sees Bess finally noticing Captain Flintlock as a possible romantic interest.

Remove Five Grasses on a Neighbor's Homestead
Clear Five Rocks on a Neighbor's Homestead
Collect Five Post Hole Diggers

Remember, you're clearing debris on your friends' Homesteads and not your own, so save those rocks and grass for missions that require you to stick closer to home. You'll need to click on the Ask button to ask your friends for the Post Hole Diggers. Finishing this mission gives you 250 Food and a Wagon Wheel decoration, covered in lovely pink and red roses.

The next goal, Part IV, sees Bess turning things around in terms of her mood, and even heading into the kitchen to bake something for Captain Flintlock.

Bake Three Cakes in the Inn
Harvest 40 Sunflowers on your Homestead
Collect a Daily Barn Bonus

Cakes can be crated inside the Inn using four Batters and 2 Fire each. Batters themselves are also crafted in the Inn with 20 Food and 900 coins. Once you finish this goal, you'll receive 5 Sunflower Boosts, along with a Sundial decoration. Don't get too excited though, as we've seen the Sundial available in the game before, as a prize from the It's Canning Time Timed Mission.

Finally, we're ready to permanently turn Bess's mood back to good, as, in Part V, we also see Captain Flintlock returning the favor of gifting something to Bess.

Harvest 40 Apples on your Homestead
Tame Wild Stallion
Collect 15 Braiding Ribbons

That's right, Bess has been given a new pony by the Captain. To finish off this quest line for good, you'll need to harvest your Apple Trees 40 times in total, while asking your friends to send you 15 Braiding Ribbons. Finishing this final quest gives you a Carrot Horse Treat, 300 XP and a Double Heart Pond decoration. Looks like things have worked out for Bess after all!

Personally, I had always been rooting for Hank and Bess to get together, but now that Captain Flintlock has entered the picture, I think things have worked out just fine. Plus, the Double Heart Pond is just a lovely decoration, so I would be willing to complete these goals either way, just to receive it.

What do you think? Do you think Bess and Captain Flintlock are a good match, or should Bess try to break up Hank and Fanny's growing relationship? Sound off in the comments.
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