Cafe World 2nd Pizza Oven Goals: Everything you need to know

Just as we were recently given the opportunity to add a second Deep Fryer to our cafes in Cafe World, we've now been given the chance to increase our pizza-making productivity with the launch of a second Pizza Oven. Of course, with any new item we're also given new goals, with a five-part 2nd Pizza Oven goal series now being available in the game.

To start, you'll need to simply place the base of your second Pizza Oven in your Cafe.

Please your second Pizza Oven
Ask for 4 Scoops of Flour
Serve Pizza Margherita 1 Time

Unfortunately, you will have to go through the building process of constructing your second Pizza Oven, just as you did the first, so check out our guide to building it if you need a refresher. Meanwhile, on your first Pizza Oven you can cook the Pizza Margherita, which is ready to serve after just 30 minutes. For the flour, you'll be able to post a general news item to your feed asking all friends to send it to you at once.