Cafe World 2nd Pizza Oven Goals: Everything you need to know

Just as we were recently given the opportunity to add a second Deep Fryer to our cafes in Cafe World, we've now been given the chance to increase our pizza-making productivity with the launch of a second Pizza Oven. Of course, with any new item we're also given new goals, with a five-part 2nd Pizza Oven goal series now being available in the game.

To start, you'll need to simply place the base of your second Pizza Oven in your Cafe.

Please your second Pizza Oven
Ask for 4 Scoops of Flour
Serve Pizza Margherita 1 Time

Unfortunately, you will have to go through the building process of constructing your second Pizza Oven, just as you did the first, so check out our guide to building it if you need a refresher. Meanwhile, on your first Pizza Oven you can cook the Pizza Margherita, which is ready to serve after just 30 minutes. For the flour, you'll be able to post a general news item to your feed asking all friends to send it to you at once.
For Part II of V, you'll be able to unlock a new recipe called Mike's Mystical Pizza, which can be cooked on either of your Pizza Ovens, depending on how quickly you build the second one.

Cook Mike's Mystical Pizza 2 Times
Spice 4 Neighbors Dishes
Ask for 5 Jalapeno Peppers

Notice the wording of two of these tasks: Cooking the Mystical Pizza should (in theory) only require you to put the dish to cook, not actually wait to serve it. Therefore, you can just cook it once, delete it before it's done, and cook it again to finish this task within seconds. Meanwhile, while we're normally told to spice neighbors' stoves, this time we're told specifically to spice dishes. Keep that in mind as you're visiting your friends - don't just spice a stove if it doesn't have something currently cooking on it, or you'll waste your action at their cafe for the day. For Mike's Mystical Pizza itself, you can cook it for 4,000 coins and serve it after cooking for 11 hours.

Part III of V requires you to collect quite a few items from friends, but also rewards you with a new recipe.

Serve Sausage Deep Dish Pizza 2 Times
Ask for 5 Jars of BBQ Sauce
Ask for 6 Chicken Breasts

Items like the Chicken Breasts can be asked for via individual gift requests to friends, while Sausage Deep Dish Pizza takes four hours to cook. For finishing this goal, you'll unlock the BBQ Chicken Pizza.

Moving on, Part IV of V asks you to put your new recipe to work, while also collecting more items from friends.

Have 5 Pizza Hickory Logs
Serve BBQ Chicken Pizza 2 Times
Ask for 8 Basil Leaves

You won't unlock a new recipe with this goal, but you will be one step closer to the finale, which is always a good thing.

For Part V of V, you'll finally be required to have finished your second Pizza Oven's construction, and will be rewarded handsomely when you do.

Finish Building your 2nd Pizza Oven
Serve Mike's Mystical Pizza 5 times
Cook BBQ Chicken Pizza 8 Times

Luckily, with a second Pizza Oven now in use, you can more quickly finish these two cooking tasks, as you can have both of them cooking Mike's Mystical Pizza at once. Add spices to the mix and you'll finish even quicker. Again, though, make sure to check out the requirement for the BBQ Chicken Pizza, as you're simply told to "cook" it, rather than "serve" it. That will end up being a huge time-saver here if you take advantage of that fact. Finishing this final goal unlocks the Chef Piero's Special pizza dish, giving you three new dishes in total to cook and master.

While more Pizza Oven goals and recipes could very well be released in the future, this brings us to the end of those currently available in the game. We'll make sure to let you know if more are added, or if we eventually earn the right to have more than two Pizza Ovens going at once (one can only hope).

What do you think of these newest Pizza Oven goals? Do you like having more than one Pizza Oven in your cafe, or do you not even use the one you have? Let us know in the comments.
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