Zynga increases FarmVille Bushel capacity to 400; go crafting cuckoo

FarmVille Bushels 400
FarmVille Bushels 400

Is it possible to fall even further off the rocker for crafting in FarmVile? Zynga just went there and boosted Bushel capacity to a whopping 400, FarmVille Freak reports. (And this time, there's proof!) Better yet, it appears that players can view Bushels from both of their farms as a combined number. To view the new Bushel capacity is as easy as simply opening up any Market Stall and taking a peek at the upper right corner of the Farmer's Market menu. According to FarmVille Freak, this update--like all Zynga updates--is rolling out in phases, so hang tight.

[Image Credit: FarmVille Freak]

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