Pocket God on Facebook is the 'Best Social/Casual Game' ... in Canada

Pocket God on Facebook
While we'd argue it was one of the best social games of 2010 period, Pocket God on Facebook was named the Best Social/Casual Game in the 2nd Annual Canadian Videogame Awards in Vancouver. Developer Frima Studios received the reward on the pygmies behalf. (Do you know how many miniature pygmies it would take to lift that thing?)

"We're ecstatic to have been granted this huge honor for our work in the casual and social gaming market with Pocket God," said Frima CEO Steve Couture in a press release. "Casual social games are clearly growing in popularity and the Canadian Videogame Awards are keen to recognize this trend early on. We will continue to strive to bring high quality games to our players while pushing the boundaries of the medium forward."

The Facebook adaptation of the 4-million-download strong runaway hit on iOS devices launched in 2010, and enjoys a small 270 thousand monthly players, according to AppData. However, the game brings a unique sense of control and interactivity to Facebook games that apparently caught the eyes of the Canadian video game industry as a step forward for the genre. And if Frima's next game is anything like Pocket God for Facebook, it deserves plenty more than 270 thousand fans--how about a few million?

Are you a fan of Pocket God on Facebook? If not, what Canadian Facebook game do you think is deserving of the title? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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