FrontierVille Barfly Badge: Drink Concoctions at the Saloon for rewards


Want even more incentive to build and use the Saloon in FrontierVille? How about the chance to earn massive experience point and coin rewards for doing so? That's right - you can now simply use the Saloon to drink Concoctions, the drinks that you craft inside, to build up points towards the Bar Badge.

The first level of the Bar Badge is earned by simply drinking three Concoctions. Doing that will reward you with 100 XP and 500 coins (starting off slow, of course). From there, you'll need to drink more and more Concoctions for each badge - 15, 30, and finally 50 for the final badge. You'll earn 300, 1000, and 4,000 XP for each subsequent badge you earn, and will walk away with thousands of coins in the process.

Does this lessen the blow of having to build an entirely new building, and ask your friends for many (many) crafting items? That will be up to you, of course, but at least the rewards are there, if you choose to take the leap.

What do you think of the Saloon badges? Are the rewards good enough for you to keep drinking away? Let us know in the comments.