Adventure Quest paved the way for GagaVille, Artix Entertainment says

Did this popular free-to-play browser massively multiplayer game (MMO) also blaze the trail for Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre and even Seth Rogen's involvement in Zynga's games as well? Artix Entertainment, creator of Adventure Quest Worlds, claims in a press release that its in-game celebrity promotions were the precursor to Zynga's immense Lady Gaga tie-in, GagaVille.

The company has held an annual Friday the 13th celebration within its flagship game since March 2009, which has featured apparent celebrities like "voice actor George Lowe, musical duo Paul & Storm with a cameo by singer/songwriter Jonathan Coulton, musician Voltaire, and musical band One Eyed Doll." Now, hopefully without sounding pompous, who the hell are any of these dudes?

The developer even cites SOE's Free Realms and KingIsle's Wizard 101 as followers to its tune with promotions involving Selena Gomez, The Dares and most recently Nick Jonas. If we really want to get technical, I'd say John Madden preemptively stopped this debate in its tracks with John Madden Football in 1988. So, eat that, Lady Gaga (don't forget Voltaire).

[Image Credit: MOPGD]

Do you think this counts as Artix having the first celebrity cameos in a social/online game? What's the point of this debate, again? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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