Will Celebrity Scandal Help Sell Arnold's Old Home?

Nothing like a little celebrity scandal to generate some interest in that celeb's house (or former house). Did Arnold Schwarzenegger do the nasty with his former housekeeper in this Pacific Palisades home where he lived about a decade ago while his Brentwood mansion was being built? And more to the point, do you really care? If history is to be our guide, buyers certainly don't care although we can't speak to the rest of the TMZ-ified world.

For the sake of the house -- not to mention all the children involved -- let's just say up front that these walls aren't talking. We have no idea whether the former governor did or did not sleep with Mildred Baena here.

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Will Celebrity Scandal Help Sell Arnold's Old Home?

Will the notoriety help the sale of the former Schwarzenegger abode -- now listed at $23.5 million -- or hinder it? In the past, having what is called a celebrity premium attached to a property has generated more lookers but not more money. Let's face it, would anyone really pay more just because O.J. walked the halls of that North Rockingham home? (Apparently not, since the new owners tore down the house and built a new one from scratch, even changing the house number.) Or because Paris Hilton once slept here and left behind some life-size posters of herself? (She sold this Hollywood Hills home in 2007 to a businessman who now seeks a tenant for $20,000 a month.)

What real estate agents say happens is that the media spotlight draws a mini-flurry of interest, most of it from unqualified buyers and lookie-loos. Sometimes, eager fans or freaky foes take it upon themselves to just show up at the property, which causes the current owner some distress.

To the best of our knowledge, the tour buses haven't made the Schwarzenegger-Shriver former home a stop. Yet.

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