Save Money on a Road Trip Without Giving Up the Fun

Road trip fun
Road trip fun

Admit it: A staycation is just not going to cut it this year.

After three years of pinching pennies, if you're getting frustrated staying home instead of hitting the road, you're not alone: Almost half of all consumers surveyed for a recently released report from Deloitte said they plan to take a trip this summer even with gas prices hovering at $4 a gallon.

"Although industry data show overall levels of leisure travel are still below levels seen prior to the recession, our latest survey indicates that in 2011, consumers are more willing to spend on summer trips than last year," Adam Weissenberg, Deloitte's vice chairman, said in a statement. "However, with spiking gas prices, airfare costs and hotel rates, as well as ongoing financial concerns, summer vacationers may tweak their travel plans."

And trim costs where they can. Weissenberg pointed out consumers surveyed said they would be staying closer to home or cutting back on food and activity expenses during their vacations.

If you plan on hitting the road this summer, here are a few tips that can help you save money and, in some cases, your sanity, too: