Redneck Organization Asks Government to Focus on Jobs

jobs Rednecks unite! There's a new political organization on the scene that is asking the government to focus on what's nearest and dearest to them. Top priorities on their political agenda include wages, job creation, limits on taxes, and stemming the flow of illegal immigrants into the workforce.

Rob Clayton, executive director of the American Redneck Society, just announced the formation of the Redneck Political Alliance, which has the goal of letting "elected representatives know what issues concern American rednecks."

Clayton is unabashed about his redneck status. "I am proud to be an American and affirm that the United States of America is one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all," he states on his organization's website. "I embrace the historical heritage of the Redneck. This heritage includes men wearing red scarves around their necks while escaping religious persecution in Scotland centuries ago. It includes farmers whose hard work in the sun-drenched fields of this nation's breadbasket burned their necks crimson red while keeping Americans fed. As a Redneck, I work hard and I play hard. As a Redneck, I am able to laugh at myself. In short, as an American Redneck, I have a sense of country and a sense of humor."

Explaining the purpose of his new organization, Clayton states, "The Redneck Political Alliance will not endorse any candidate or political party but rather will give American rednecks a chance to let elected officials know if they're LEJIT," said Clayton. "The American Political Alliance has a sense of country and a sense of humor, even if it doesn't have a sense of spelling."

The Redneck Political Alliance's rating system focuses on the core values that LEJIT spells out:

  • Limited Government: Are American politicians growing government or keeping it in check? Are they operating within the constitution or outside of it? Are American politicians using our military to defend our nation or the United Nations?
  • Erasing the deficit: Rednecks know that a government which spends beyond its means is a government that is stealing from their youngins . . . spending more than taxpayers can afford today and expecting future generations to pay off staggering debts.
  • Job creation: Hardworking and fun-loving rednecks need and want jobs. Are elected officials creating an environment in the USA for job creation or an environment which encourages companies to ship jobs overseas?
  • Immigration reform: All Americans are descendants of immigrants. Likewise, rednecks are proud of their ancestors, but are sick and tired of illegal immigrants taking jobs and receiving benefits that should be reserved for U.S. citizens and legal residents.
  • Tax Reduction: Rednecks pay enough in taxes. Is the "government of the people" increasing or decreasing taxes?

It seems that the Redneck agenda leans more to the right than the left. Could there be a coordinating color scheme here? Rednecks, red states? A quick visit to the organization's website,, reveals lots of cowboy hats, guns and trucks, as well as families, farmers and NASCAR spectators.

Humor is also featured prominently, which would indicate that they can at least laugh at themselves, a quality many political organizations lack.

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