Jamie Oliver brings the food revolution to Restaurant City on Facebook

jamie oliver food revolution
jamie oliver food revolution

Celebrities seem to be making the rounds in social games of late. This week, FarmVille (and other Zynga games) have been taken over by Lady Gaga and, today, Playfish announces that celebrity chef and 'Food Revolution' star Jamie Oliver will be making an appearance in its Restaurant City game on Facebook.

Playfish's Restaurant City is one of the top 25 Facebook games with 5.7 million monthly active users. Players have the chance to tap into their inner restaurateur -- decorating and running their own establishment, including choosing which recipes to serve (and master for greater rewards.

For four weeks, these virtual restaurant owners will have access to Jamie Oliver-branded recipes, such as Farfalle Carbonara, Asparagus Fettuccine, Basil Pesto Pasta; and Meatball Pasta. Once players master these recipes, they will be rewarded with in-game items like the Jamie Oliver Pasta Maker as well as a recipe for the real-life version of the dish.


In addition to having a celebrity name to bolster Restaurant City, Oliver says he hopes that this partnership will encourage the same healthy eating habits that he promotes in his popular ABC show.

"I'm always interested in new social media, and I hope that by creating my recipes in the virtual world, the Restaurant City community will be inspired to try making them for real," he says.

Photo credit: Scandic Hotels, Flickr.