FrontierVille: Zynga asks if you want to be warned of upcoming features


Over on the official FrontierVille forums, Zynga is asking users a simple question - just how much notice do you want when it comes to new features? Would you rather be given a two or three day advanced warning about new buildings or features that will launch in the future? Or, are you the type of player that wants to login and be surprised when something new releases?

You have a quartet of options to choose from, ranging from "it's perfect," to "I don't care," but of course, you can always give a detailed response in the accompanying thread. Why does your choice matter? With Zynga using the FrontierVille fan page to give brief previews of upcoming events, the most popular answer here could potentially shape the way we find out about new features in the future. If Zynga feels that users aren't excited, they may even slow down the releases, and I know I can't be the only pioneer that would hate to see that happen.

As of right now, not very many players have voted, but the poll is incredibly new, so things haven't really had a chance to take shape. Still, it looks as though people are favoring the options with more information being given sooner, rather than none at all.

So what do you think? Head over to the game's forums to place your vote.

Once that's done, let us know which option you chose in the comments. Would you like your information sooner, rather than later, or do you not even pay attention to unreleased news? Let us know in the comments.