FarmVille Store Update: Fire Fountain, Electric Chapel, Masked Ram now available


With tonight's small FarmVille update, we see an interesting new development launch with the current GagaVille promotion, along with the release of a new pattern for Sheep breeders. For Lady Gaga fans, who may have missed out on the first two quests in the GagaVille promotion (and therefore weren't able to receive the exclusive prizes for completing the quests), you can now purchase both of the main prizes from the first and second quests - the Fire Fountain and the Electric Chapel - for Farm Cash in the store.

Specifically, the Fire Fountain costs 18 Farm Cash, while the Electric Chapel costs 22 Farm Cash. Sure, these are some fairly high prices for items that were free for everyone else, but I suppose that's the (literal) price we'll pay for not completing the quest in time.

For a look at the new Sheep pattern, meet us behind the break.

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