FarmVille GagaVille: First 102.7 KIIS FM prize now available

Earlier this week, we brought you a heads-up for all users that are looking to make the most of the GagaVille promotion in FarmVille. Via a promotion with 102.7 KIIIS FM, users will be able to unlock a series of five free items using special codes. Well, guess what? You didn't even have to listen to the radio to snag a code, as FVNation has found out the five codes that will be active, one per day.

Starting today, you'll be able to head to Zynga's official Lady Gaga page and enter in a single code to receive a prize back in the game. Think of this as RewardVille, but you won't actually use any zCoins to earn your prize. The prize for today is the large pink Gaga Gem, and you can earn it by heading over to that web page and entering code "GEM" into the box. You'll need to use Facebook Connect to login if you aren't connected already, so that Zynga knows which game to load the Gem into. From there, the prize will be in your Gift Box waiting for you.

For the next four days, you'll be able to unlock other prizes, and you can meet us behind the break to find out the codes you'll need to do so.Here are the other four codes, along with the prizes you'll receive for entering them. Remember, they can only be entered once per day, as items are limited to one per Facebook account.

Code ELECTRIC: Electric Roses Flower Bed
Code ARCH: Chrome Daisy Arch
Code MONSTER: Monster Fuel
Code GARDEN: Gaga Garden Patch

Just remember to log on before the end of the day (in Eastern time) to make sure you can redeem your code while it's still valid. These items will likely only come around once - you don't want to miss them, do you?

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What do you think of these free coded items? Were you planning on listening to the radio to hear your codes? Let us know in the comments.
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