Dragon Age Legends delivers again on Facebook with special remix edition

It seems like even companion games can get their own companion games!

EA2D, who brought us Dragon Age Legends on Facebook, decided to give game developer Evan "PixelAnte" Miller a shot at making his own Dragon Age game by using EA2D's game assets. What resulted was 'Dragon Age Legends Remix 01', which was released earlier this week. Miller's game isn't on Facebook, but the items that you earn in DAL: Remix 01 can be used in the Facebook game. And in turn, we know that playing the Facebook game gets you free goodies for Dragon Age II on the PC and console.
Dragon Age Legends Remix 01 slain orge
After beating all 6 levels of DAL: Remix 01, I won the following items: Energy Potion, Evra's Horn, Smelling Salts, Team Battle Poultice, and Blood Dragon Leather Armor. But EA2D says 15 different items can be gotten through replays. An item will appear at the conclusion of a level, and from there, you click on a button that'll send you to DAL on Facebook, where you can find the item in your inventory. I highly recommend giving this thing a go. Graphics-wise, it's no better than the one on Facebook, but you're given free reign to slaughter baddies totally unhindered in a hack-and-slash fashion complete with visceral sound effects. Miller's version is simple, easy, and endorsed by EA. And finally, this version also fills in Viscount Ravi's backstory -- so what are you waiting for? Go play it at IGN!
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