Digital Chocolate launches Army Attack on Facebook: Real time strategy meets city building


Your land was peaceful, prosperous and beautiful before the Crimson Empire attacked. They were organized, vicious and lethal. You didn't stand a chance in the initial assault, but your people aren't going to simply lay down without a fight! Such is the story in Army Attack on Facebook - the latest game from Digital Chocolate. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to hold back the Crimson Empire attack and eventually turn the tide of battle, freeing your land from their occupation.

Army Attack plays as a simplified RTS, or real-time strategy game. There's an energy system and quests to complete, giving the game that "Facebook" touch, but the overall game does still offer a sense of strategy and control over your own fate. Gameplay takes place on a grid containing towns that can be liberated from enemy control, minefields that slow your progress, supply drop points, and enough barricades to support even the smallest of armies, giving them a fighting chance.

While gameplay is technically turn-based, for the most part the gameplay seems fairly one-sided. That is, you start the game being given a fairly large area on control on the bottom of the starting map. Enemy units have set up minefields and barricades defending the town of Southgate to the north. You'll need to click on your units to move them into position (each movement takes energy), and if they are close enough to attack the enemy, they can do so by simply clicking on the enemy and spending another energy.