Digital Chocolate launches Army Attack on Facebook: Real time strategy meets city building

Your land was peaceful, prosperous and beautiful before the Crimson Empire attacked. They were organized, vicious and lethal. You didn't stand a chance in the initial assault, but your people aren't going to simply lay down without a fight! Such is the story in Army Attack on Facebook - the latest game from Digital Chocolate. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to hold back the Crimson Empire attack and eventually turn the tide of battle, freeing your land from their occupation.

Army Attack plays as a simplified RTS, or real-time strategy game. There's an energy system and quests to complete, giving the game that "Facebook" touch, but the overall game does still offer a sense of strategy and control over your own fate. Gameplay takes place on a grid containing towns that can be liberated from enemy control, minefields that slow your progress, supply drop points, and enough barricades to support even the smallest of armies, giving them a fighting chance.

While gameplay is technically turn-based, for the most part the gameplay seems fairly one-sided. That is, you start the game being given a fairly large area on control on the bottom of the starting map. Enemy units have set up minefields and barricades defending the town of Southgate to the north. You'll need to click on your units to move them into position (each movement takes energy), and if they are close enough to attack the enemy, they can do so by simply clicking on the enemy and spending another energy.

Combat can be either slow or fast-paced, depending on your current units on the field. You can surround enemies, having all of them attack simultaneously (obviously decreasing the time it takes to win a battle, while also saving energy), or you can send out a single scouting party to clear the road for weaker infantry to follow. The types and quantities of units you can have on the field depends on your current level, meaning that you'll have to work with what you have until you prove your military might.

Adding in a bit of a city-building twist, you can construct buildings on your conquered land. This takes a page from games like FrontierVille, in that you'll need to first place the base of buildings, spend a few energy building the frame, and then collect building materials to actually finish it off. These buildings also allow for more units to come out onto the field, so it seems worth spending a few energy every now and again to place one.

As you play the game, you'll gain experience points for every battle you win, and will earn funds and intel points via bonus drops. You can spend Intel points to unlock other map sections, giving you more gameplay the longer you play. For completionists, Army Attack offers a good amount of time that can be spent simply clearing the land of anything even resembling an enemy statement, including fuel pockets, propaganda towers and more. You can then move onto these new areas and start the cycle all over again.

For other in-game elements, there are collections to complete as you earn items from battles, and you can collect supplies that will allow you to heal your units on the fly without taking up your full turn, getting you back to 100%. You'll even be able to make your way through the ranks, starting with Recruit and ending at Marshal as you claim more and more land and show the evil Crimson Empire just what you're made of.

Army Attack
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Digital Chocolate launches Army Attack on Facebook: Real time strategy meets city building

All told, you can spend quite a long time playing Army Attack in each gameplay session, regardless of the energy meter, so long as you work strategically to keep your units focused on one smaller area (so that their combined attacks only cost one energy), rather than sending everyone their own way. You can play Army Attack casually, with little to no experience with other games in the genre, as the "Facebook" touches of city-building and bonus loot drops help to welcome the uninitiated. With plenty of other RTS games to choose from one the platform though, with Army Attack have what it takes to conquer its real world enemies? That much remains to be seen.

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