CityVille Bakery Upgrades: Everything you need to know

As we previewed earlier this week, a system of business upgrades has now been launched in CityVille, with the first business capable of upgrading being the Bakery. Similar to upgrades to your Community Buildings like the Bank or Post Office, your Bakery can be upgraded two times, with each upgrade making the Bakery larger and grander in appearance, and also triggering it to produce more profit, but at a higher cost of Goods.

To be clear, the starting Bakery earns just 40 coins for 10 Goods supplied. To complete the Upgrade process, you'll work through a simple goal called "Upgrade a Bakery!" which requires you to simply have a Bakery in your town, supply it with Goods, and finally upgrade it. To upgrade the Bakery, simply click on the building and you'll see the menu like the one above. You can either upgrade simply by repeatedly collecting profits from and supplying your Bakery with Goods, but you can also speed up the process by asking your friends to help you upgrade.

Meet us behind the break for more on this upgrade process and what to expect once you complete the job.Your overall goal is to reach 200 points to upgrade your Bakery, with each friend that helps adding ten points to your progress. Once you upgrade to a 2-star, Level 2 Bakery, your building will require 40 Goods rather than 10, but will offer you 170 coins in profits, over the original 40 coins. Repeat this process all over again, and you'll eventually hit the 3-star, Level 3 Bakery, which requires you to spend 120 Goods, and rewards you with 540 coins each time you collect from the building.

As you might expect, this upgrade process must be completed separately for each individual Bakery you currently have in your town. That is, you'll need to upgrade each Bakery individually, either paying City Cash to unlock points, or simply asking your friends to help you out. Furthermore, while this is currently the only business that allows for upgrades in your city, Zynga has stating that this is just the first of many business upgrades that will eventually launch in the game. We can only expect further upgrades to work in the same way, so keep this method in mind (and lots of helpful friends on hand) for the future.

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What do you think of the Bakery upgrades in CityVille? Do you like how Zynga is allowing you to upgrade many of your town's buildings, rather than focusing on releasing new items in the store? For that matter, did you have any Bakeries left in your town, or had you removed them due to their poor profitability? Let us know in the comments.
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