Zynga adds DNA Games to its double helix; 14th acquisition in a year

Zynga has assimilated its fourteenth games company in just 12 months, DNA Games, VentureBeat reports. (At this point, it might be appropriate to dub Zynga "The Blob.") The small-time company, based in Zynga's backyard of San Francisco, is known for Casino City and BarWorld, though whether those games will still exist in their own right is unknown.

What we do know is that the DNA Games team, founded by Jon Lee and Shaun Hease in 2009, will provide their design and development skills to Zynga's next-generation social games. Co-founder Lee will serve as general manager of the new satellite studio and answer to senior VP of product development Mark Skaggs.

This acquisition seems to be just another grab for talent rather than a movement in a specific direction like Zynga with Friends. FrontierVille's Oregon Trail expansion is the only confirmed future Zynga release, so who knows what the former DNA Games will be up to. Perhaps Zynga needs some help with Mafia Wars 2?

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