Sears Employee Steals Boots, Wears Them to Work

Sears Employee An 18-year-old Sears employee was caught red-handed, or red-footed, as the case may be, showing up for work in a pair of boots he'd recently shoplifted from the same store. If it weren't for his "naivete," and a little help from security cameras, he might have walked away with the evidence.

But sheriff's deputies were able to watch surveillance tapes from the Sears in the DeSoto Square Mall in Bradenton, Fla., which showed the teenager stealing the pair of boots. Another employee then reported that the teen was seen wearing them to work. His guilt was pretty much beyond doubt.

It was unclear, though, why the offender showed up for work with a handgun in his shoe. The deputies found that in a search during the arrest.

The former employee faces charges of retail theft and carrying a concealed weapon. According to Florida's Herald Tribune, he admitted to stealing not one, but two pairs of boots from the store. It's unlikely that he'll be enjoying the softer side of Sears any time soon.

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