Munch on PopCap's Candy Train for free on iPhone and iPad

Candy Train for iPhone
PopCap is on a freebie frenzy this month. Pocket Gamer reports that the Seattle-based casual games giant has released Candy Train, a classic in the company's stable of "just one more level" games, for free on iPhone and iPad. The game was launched on the New Zealand Apple App Store as a universal app, meaning that it will available in the US and U.K. App Stores by midnight.

In Candy Train, players navigate, you guessed it, a train around a terribly incomplete track. To successfully pick up and deliver candy, you must switch the tracks as if they were puzzle pieces while controlling your train's speed against the clock. Go too fast, and you might crash, but going too slow won't get the candy delivered in time. With that kind of sweet strategy, Candy Train seems like a fine, free way to kill some extra time.

[Image Credit: Pocket Gamer]

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