Video game maker Tecmo leaps into Facebook games with Jollywood

Tecmo Koei is taking a short break from gore-spewing ninjas and warring Chinese armies to explore a far more lucrative market these days: Facebook games. The Japanese creator of Ninja Gaiden will launch JollyWood tomorrow, a social game developed by its Singapore studio. The game tasks players with creating "getaways of fun and relaxation amidst scenic landscapes," Tecmo Koei said in a statement.
The game will launch on Facebook, though this studio has big plans for global expansion on not just social networks but smartphones as well, according to the press release. Of course, the game will be free to play and plans to live off of micro-transactions.

Tecmo has already released some social games in the Japanese market, but this is first time that the legendary company has expanded its horizons globally in the social games space. You can find more details on the game through its Facebook page.

Are you excited to see what Tecmo Koei is capable of in the social games space? How do you think the company will fare against the big wigs of the industry? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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