FrontierVille Sneak Peek: The Saloon is a comin' with Varmint Julep

FrontierVille Saloon
FrontierVille Saloon

It might be time to start actually participating in those FrontierVille surveys, because it seems Zynga is starting to make good on those teased features. The first-ever images related to the unreleased Saloon in FrontierVille have been, well, released. The developer revealed three icons that are related to the upcoming building, though what they mean for the feature is till unknown.

The first is a set of books that look like bar tending textbooks, while the second simply depicts a man serving drinks. The third, a picture of what Zynga calls Varmint Julep (a nod to the popular southern drink), is a dead giveaway. At least we think it is--it appears that players will either buy alcoholic drinks for their avatars or learn how to craft and serve them. Let's just hope some of those other potential features make it into the new building like card games and a social space for friends. See, it pays to answer the surveys.

[Via FrontierVille Forums]

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