FrontierVille Saloon Goals: Everything you need to know

I hope you're thirsty partners, as you can now start building your very own Saloon in FrontierVille. Of course, as with most new buildings, there's also a mission set to complete here. The Saloon Goals are slowly rolling out to players, with this four-part mission series requiring you to plant some crops and build the Saloon itself, along with collecting a ton of items with the help of friends.

Part I of IV starts us off simply, by asking us to simply purchase the base of the Saloon from the market.

Purchase a Saloon
Tend 20 Apple Trees on your Homestead
Harvest 20 Corn on your Homestead

Corn grows in 12 hours, while Apple Trees regrow every 30 minutes. Your rewards for finishing this first mission are 150 Food and Oat Syrup, a crafting ingredient that you'll need to create things inside a finished Saloon.