FrontierVille Saloon Goals: Everything you need to know

I hope you're thirsty partners, as you can now start building your very own Saloon in FrontierVille. Of course, as with most new buildings, there's also a mission set to complete here. The Saloon Goals are slowly rolling out to players, with this four-part mission series requiring you to plant some crops and build the Saloon itself, along with collecting a ton of items with the help of friends.

Part I of IV starts us off simply, by asking us to simply purchase the base of the Saloon from the market.

Purchase a Saloon
Tend 20 Apple Trees on your Homestead
Harvest 20 Corn on your Homestead

Corn grows in 12 hours, while Apple Trees regrow every 30 minutes. Your rewards for finishing this first mission are 150 Food and Oat Syrup, a crafting ingredient that you'll need to create things inside a finished Saloon.Part II of IV will likely take you a bit longer, depending on how many (or how little) coins you have saved up at any one time. You'll also need to start asking friends for items (this is the first of many similar tasks, so don't say I didn't warn you).

Purchase a State License for 100,000 coins
Harvest 30 Potatoes
Collect 10 Saloon Permits

Just as in the real world, an establishment (in this case, your Saloon) can't start serving alcohol without a license, so you'll need to not only collect paper permits from friends, but also purchase the actual license flat out with coins. Meanwhile, Potatoes can be harvested after waiting for four hours. Finishing this second goal marks the halfway point, and rewards you with 200 Food and the unlocking of the Quick Draw Quaff recipe. This is one of the finished products you can craft within your finished Saloon.

Part III of IV takes us to the most time consuming mission of the four, as you'll need to collect enough ingredients to craft some drinks within your Saloon. This is the first goal that actually requires you to have completed the building of the Saloon itself, so check out our guide to doing so if you're having trouble.

Collect Ten Oat Syrup Drinks in in Saloon
Collect Ten Filtered Water Drinks in Saloon
Consume One Granny's Gut Punch in Saloon

Your friends will be able to give you these ingredients via the game's free gifts page (each player will have access to sending different ingredients) or you can initiate the gifting process by asking them to send them to you outright from the Saloon's crafting menu.

Unfortunately, the Oat Syrup and Filtered Water don't work to create the Granny's Gut Punch, so you'll have to spend time asking for Iced Tea and Granny's No. 5 - the two items that do create the Granny's Gut Punch - to actually finish this goal. A bit of a runaround, yes. Finishing this mission rewards you with the Spittoon decoration and one Mule Kick Mix drink.

Finally, Part IV of IV asks you to spend some of your saved food by completing enough random tasks around the Homestead to require you to purchase food energy from the store.

Purchase Ten Lunches
Consume Quick Draw Quaff in Saloon
Collect Ten Bartending Guides

The Bartending Guides are earned as any other collectible in the game - by asking your friends to send them to you. Meanwhile, your Oat Syrups and Filtered Waters from the last mission will come to use here, as you use them to craft the Quick Draw Quaff in the Saloon. For finishing this mission series, you'll unlock the Green Lightning recipe in the Saloon, and will receive the "One Shady Table" decoration.

All told, this is a relatively complex mission series, in terms of the items that you'll need to craft and how you'll obtain the necessary ingredients to do so, but with a little patience and lots of helpful friends, these missions are far from impossible. Now let's walk on up to the bar and order us a drink!

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What do you think of these Saloon goals? Do you think they ask too much for too little rewards, or do you like the idea of a Saloon on your Homestead? Let us know in the comments.
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