FrontierVille Saloon Collection offers a Billiard Table as a reward

While this may sound like a broken record at this point, with the release of every new building in FrontierVille comes a new collection, and such is the case with tonight's launch of the Saloon in the game. The Saloon Collection is now available to complete, with five items dropping either while you're whacking the frame of the Saloon during its construction, or when collecting the Daily Bonus from the building each day.

Here's what to look out for:

Bath Tub
Frothy Mug
Dealer's Visor
Can of Peaches

All told, this collection should be one of the easier ones to complete, as we've all been given some massive incentive to collecting the Daily Bonus each and every day - when doing so, you'll also have a chance to randomly receive drink ingredients that can be used to craft concoctions inside the Saloon. With these items allowing you to boost your XP for hours at a time, I think that's pretty good reason to remember to collect the Saloon's Daily Bonus, don't you? Either way, once you finish the collection you'll receive a Billiard Table - a Pool Table - as a reward. Too bad there wasn't any additional XP thrown in along with it.

What do you think of the Saloon Collection, or the Saloon as a whole in the game? Is a building associated with alcohol beverages appropriate for a social game on Facebook? Sound off in the comments.