FrontierVille Building a Saloon: Everything you need to know


Earlier today, we brought you a sneak peek, concerning the upcoming launch of a Saloon in FrontierVille. It turns out that we haven't had to wait long for the building itself to release, as the building (and the four accompanying goals) has now started slowly rolling out to users in the game.

The building itself must be constructed like any other - you'll need to first place the frame on your land, and will then need to collect a large amount of collectible items from friends in order to complete its construction. While you may scoff at having yet another building on your land, this one will allow you to craft drinks that will increase your movement speed, your earned experience points and more, so it's definitely worthwhile.

Meet us behind the break to see how to complete the construction of the Saloon, and for a look at the drinks you can craft inside.