FrontierVille Building a Saloon: Everything you need to know

Earlier today, we brought you a sneak peek, concerning the upcoming launch of a Saloon in FrontierVille. It turns out that we haven't had to wait long for the building itself to release, as the building (and the four accompanying goals) has now started slowly rolling out to users in the game.

The building itself must be constructed like any other - you'll need to first place the frame on your land, and will then need to collect a large amount of collectible items from friends in order to complete its construction. While you may scoff at having yet another building on your land, this one will allow you to craft drinks that will increase your movement speed, your earned experience points and more, so it's definitely worthwhile.

Meet us behind the break to see how to complete the construction of the Saloon, and for a look at the drinks you can craft inside.To actually build the Saloon, you'll need to collect 15 each of Chandelier Parts, Highball Glasses and Swinging Doors, along with 10 each of Cue Balls, Barstools, and Lucky Dice. Depending on the item, you'll find yourself either asking for the ingredients via individual gift requests, or through general news feed posts that ask all of your friends simultaneously.

Once the Saloon has been built, you'll be able to start crafting drinks inside it and taking advantage of the boosts that those drinks provide. Technically, you'll also need to complete the Saloon Goals (check out our guide) to unlock some of the recipes, but as you'll likely work on both the building and the goals at the same time, you shouldn't have to wait too long to get down to business.

There are three overall concoctions to create, using six different base drinks or fluids. You'll be able to find these crafting ingredients (Iced Tea, Granny's No. 5, Oat Syrup, Filtered Water, Varmint Julep, and Mule Kick Mix) either by completing the Saloon Goals, receiving them as a Daily Bonus when collecting your bonus from the Saloon, by asking your friends to send them to you via the crafting menu, or by purchasing them with Horseshoes. You can also send these ingredients from the free gifts page, but each player will only have access to a portion of the ingredients.

When you use each finished concoction, you'll receive a different temporary boost, along with some visual changes to your avatar or overall game:

Granny's Gut Punch: Pink Skin and a Drunk Avatar, along with Double XP for all game actions for a period for four hours

Quick Draw Quaff: Yellow Skin and a Drunk Avatar, along with a one-hour Fast Hands boost

Green Lightning: Green Skin and a Drunk Avatar, along with a faster movement boost and tending bars that fill faster for two hours

All told, these are some great boosts, for those that are willing to put in the time required to collect the necessary ingredients to mix them. I'm personally a bit surprised that Zynga would go so far as to create a drunken appearance to our avatars, so it will definitely be interesting to see how the public at large reacts to drinking in on their Homestead. Of course, this feature is entirely voluntary, so if you don't feel like it's appropriate, you can simply opt out.

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What do you think? Do you think a system of drinking and "drunk" avatars is appropriate for a social game that can be played by teenagers? Let us know in the comments.
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