FarmVille Sheep and Pig Breeding 'Conga Line' shows results before breeding [Video]

farmville sheep breeding conga line
farmville sheep breeding conga line

We'll admit it, Sheep and Pig Breeding in FarmVille can be a little bit confusing. Even after Zynga released detailed explanations (with bullet points and all!), some farmers still don't get how their Lambs come out the way they do. Enter the "Conga Line," an upcoming feature that will allow players to see the potential results of breeding before their animals do the deed.

This time, Zynga was even so courteous as to post a video describing the upcoming feature. When selecting two sheep or pigs to breed, now a window will appear displaying a shared dream bubble between the two woolly lovers with a few possible combinations inside. You want at least some element of surprise, no?

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